Our know-how at the heart of industrial processes

Each machine, automatism, actuator or simple movement carried out in the industrial field has a PLC at its base. We have made this simple reality our real strength.

By working with new designs or assistance interventions on existing applications, our technical STAFF has refined their programming techniques by providing structured programs which are formulated with simple instruction lines to meet the end user, who often has to carry out diagnoses for troubleshooting.

The experience gained from our work with different production sectors has created our expertise in programming and supplying systems with various ranges of PLC.

PLC Siemens
PLC Rockwell Automation
PLC Phoenix Contact
Omron Robotica
PLC Beckhoff New Automation Technology

Our services

Interventions in case of failure (even within 8 hours from the request) on systems supplied by our company and much more.

Machine cycles and/or systems modification

Transformation of machines from electromechanical management to PLC management

Design of new machines with the use of industrial networks and field buses

Software design

Production Lines


Robot Machines

Automotive Assembly


Take your company's manufacturing process to the next level