Limitronic: solutions for serial digital packaging printing

LCE has been the Exclusive Italian Distributor of Limitronic solutions for packaging printing since 2013.

Thanks to the expertise acquired from working in the automation sector, LCE has become a point of reference in the market by offering automatic and robotized marking solutions.
We can offer much more than just end-of-line MARKERS: we provide unique customized solutions.
In 2009, LCE became LIMITRONIC distributor. LIMITRONIC is one of the most important brands in the high-definition inkjet marking sector and has entered the MARKING market by creating dozens of applications.
The customer entering the LCE world for marking technology, can also find a partner who is able to MARK, MOVE, OBJECTIVE, TRACK and CONTROL a product.
Among the most particular marked products, we can include:

About Limitronic

Limitronic is a company dealing with the automation of industrial processes and it was founded in 1987. It soon specialized in product identification and coding to provide traceability solutions integrated into the production line.

Limitronic’s first turnkey solutions included CIJ (Continuous Inkjet) technology for primary packaging, high resolution printers for secondary packaging, label applicators for tertiary packaging, and radio frequency for warehouse management (SGA).
All this was integrated into a single system designed and programmed by Limitronic.

In 1999, in order to best adapt to certain needs and customer requests, Limitronic began developing high resolution printers. Thus, the first Limitag® was created: it is a high-resolution industrial inkjet printer that meets the essential requirements: it is simple, does not require maintenance, it is robust, intuitive, easy to use and offers the possibility of integrating it into any working environment.


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