We are always seeking for new solutions

We spend about 20% of our daily activities looking for new projects and solutions for our customers.

Those who know us do appreciate our efforts in building special, unique machines.

We deal with complex requests from customers every year.

We are able to diversify both processes and offers.

All this can be tackled with investments in advanced tools and resources that are suitable for high-tech design.

We make this happen by investing about 10% of our yearly turnover in Research and Development.

We also provide Research and Development assistance to customers.

Our company operates in the technology sector and aims at providing its expertise on an Italian RESEARCH basis, thanks to the Italian creativity and unique manufacturing quality.

Our MISSION is based on SEARCHING, CREATING and then OFFERING our solutions to meet our client’s need when approaching our BRAND, our IDEA our TEAM.

Our company is proud to provide its best service in RESEARCH, INVENTION and DEVELOPMENT.

Join A Dynamic and Innovative Team

If you love challenges, working in team, if you love hard work, if you do not get overwhelmed by deadlines and if you have experience in programming, robotics and automation, it’s you we are looking for!

Take your company's manufacturing process to the next level