Our activities

We offer our services on automation, robotics, marking, traceability, vision systems and Mobile Robots

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Our yearly experience of over 300 installations has made us an ideal partner for companies wanting to implement robotics in CENTRAL SOUTH ITALY.


We are exclusive Italian distributors for Limitronic, the most successful company in the world in the industrial marking sector.

Vision Systems

Since 2015 we have offered solutions on artificial vision in partnership with Cognex, a valuable reference point in the vision systems sector.

Mobile Robot

Mobile robots are intelligent vehicles that allow improving performance and decrease errors in situations involving the transport of materials.

LCE For the Automotive Sector

With twenty years of consolidated experience in assembly lines and standalone applications, LCE can provide solutions for the AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR with different technologies using Robotics, Mobile Robotics, 2D and 3D Vision Systems and using PLC and SCADA of each Brand.

LCE For the Food Industry

We operate in the food industry with customized and patented solutions, and we carry out dimensional, shape, presence and quality checks together with printing, product traceability up and robotic palletizing. We follow the product throughout the production chain.

We have a wide experience ranging from flour to feed, from confectionery to pasta.

LCE For The Packaging Industry

We offer highly flexible turnkey solutions to manage the packaging and palletization processes. Our solutions start from primary packaging up to secondary palletizing, and provide options for the automatic management of the pallet warehouse and the interlayer warehouse.

With our experience and our know-how in robotics, we design and offer robotic islands which are capable of palletizing up to 75 packs / min with interlayer change and pallet change.

LCE For Special Sectors

Our Mission is to make NON-SERIES MACHINES. We provide technological solutions that are customized to meet our clients’ needs. We also operate in niche sectors such as the wood sector, the polystyrene sector, the plasterboard sector.

Our experience in such sectors has allowed us to diversificate and has helped built a know-how on customized technologies which can be implemented in other areas.

We have improved the production process of many companies

Take your company's manufacturing process to the next level