L.C.E Engineering and Robotic is System Integrator of UNIVERSAL ROBOT

From assembly to painting, from palletizing to screwing, from packaging to polishing, from injection molding to welding – any type of activity can be automated with cobots.

Designed to share workspace with humans, cobots are simplifying automation in businesses of any size.

LCE’s strong presence in the world of robotics has lead the company to a partnership which was inspired by an idea of constant progress.

This partnership is now consolidated, and LCE has become a Certified System Integrator.

robot collaborativo 4 lce automazione

Advantages of using Collaborative Robots:

Easy to program

Patented Universal Robots technology allows even inexperienced operators to quickly set up and use cobots. With the intuitive 3D view, you simply move the robot arm to the desired waypoints, or touch the arrow keys on the touchscreen tablet, to set the robot’s movements.

Quick installation

Universal Robots has revolutionized the set-up of collaborative robots, reducing the time to implement the production line from weeks to hours. The average installation time is just half a day.
On average an untrained operator takes less than an hour from the box to perform the first task.


Cobots are lightweight, space-saving and easy to reuse in multiple applications without changing the production layout. Applying the cobot to a new process is quick and easy. Cobots offer the agility needed to automate even short batches with a high product mix.


The safety system in Universal Robot collaborative robots is approved and certified by TÜV (The German Technical Inspection Association). Unlike anthropomorphic robots, collaborative robots do not need to work in enclosed spaces but can work in contact with operators. Furthermore, in the event of repetitive or dangerous work, the cobot significantly reduces efforts and accidental injuries to operators.

Short term ROI

Improved productivity and product quality ensure that production gains in terms of profitability and investment are easily recovered.

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