Vision Systems

Cognex has chosen LCE for the implementation of its solutions

The solutions offered by Cognex allow obtaining accurate and reliable results on products moving along the production line.

In production systems, quality control in assembly lines and production processes is becoming increasingly insistent.

The electronic and visual technologies have followed the needs of the market, thus allowing developing systems that are able to offer high control possibilites at affordable prices.

Commercial electronics, industrial CCD cameras normally used in digital videocameras and digital cameras have led the VISION SYSTEM towards a useful, indispensable and above all easy-to-use mean for the end customer.

Interfaces between MAN and MACHINE have become flexible and comfortable even for those who are not expert in vision or IT fields. The analysis programs can be managed by regular line personnel prior training.

In support of its high-tech services, LCE also offers advanced solutions in the field of 2D and 3D artificial vision.

Thanks to its decades of experience gained as a result of many applications, LCE owns a solid know-how to tackle the study and development of pc based and smart camera applications.

LCE dedicates a considerable number of hours to the research and development of innovative applications, such as advanced robot guides that give the possibility to automate some manufacturing processes by completely eliminating operator intervention.

The HMI interfaces are designed with simplicity and flexibility as primary objectives, which makes it possible for the line staff to manage the parameterization of the system, prior training.

Vision systems can help with

sistemi di visione cognex controllo qualità

Quality Cntrol

Verification of the presence of a component or of the correct assembly routine, orientation of an object, color verification, tolerance check, liquid or granular filling level control.

sistemi di visione cognex guida robot

Robot Guidance

Extrapolation and transmission of coordinates to the robot for picking up and / or depositing objects.

sistemi di visione cognex misurazione


Possibility of measuring external diameters, thicknesses, profiles.

sistemi di visione cognex verifica etichette

Printed labels check

Ability to recognize labels and printed material. Barcode and two-dimensional codes check. Possibility of tracking the product.

Endless material inspection

For some endless processes it is possible to verify flaws or lack of material. The application fields can be textile production, printing process on paper or plastic, glass or plexiglass making etc. In this field, matrix or linear type cameras are at high speed and high definition.

sistemi di visione cognex controlli cromatici

Color controls

Possibility of sorting the fruit by colors, in the agro-food field, or of checking the quality of the products cooked in the oven etc.

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