LCE delivers reliability, speed and flexibility

In more than 20 years of activity, LCE has become a point of reference in the market by offering high-tech services and playing an important role in the ROBOTIC sector.

Our company’s mission is to offer reliability, speed, and flexibility. LCE was founded in 2001 and in more than 10 years of activity, the company has provided its customers with high-tech and high-quality services in the ROBOTICS and AUTOMATION sectors.

In recent years, LCE has expanded its offer by integrating its services with products MARKING and TRACEABILITY. Our company is a partner and Italian distributor for LIMITRONIC, a high-definition inkjet markers manufacturer with which LCE has partnered in unique marking projects.

LCE’s experience in the field of ROBOTS, PLCs, SCADA SYSTEMS, in HIGH LEVEL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES and using highly specialized personnel is able to offer solutions in the most varied industrial sectors such as the Automotive, the Pharmaceutical, Food and Feed products by building and offering modern solutions for each production phase, from product processing to the end of the line.

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